UNIVERSITETSAULAEN, University of Bergen

*This half day three session program is optional. Registration required to each of the sessions. If You have registered for the Assembly, but can only attend one of the days, You can send another person on the same ticket for the day You don`t go. Name registration is though required.

Towards an unknown future, cities are challenged by urbanization, migration, new economic landscapes, the creation of mega-cities, climate change, the fourth industrial revolution and much more. To meet these challenges, cities are in need of new tools – new tools that negotiates the crossover of architecture, design, finance, banking, technology and real estate. There is a blurred connection between these areas. We will during the optional sessions dive into important questions and maybe come some step closer to an answer.

  • 13:15

    City of Trondheim and NTNU invites to discussion about their Smart City approach. Moderated and challenged by Dr. Tarje Iversen Wanvik from SpaceLab (University of Bergen) and summarized by Gaute Hagerup from Innovation Norway. Also attending is Commissioner for Urban Development, Anna Elisa Tryti, City of Bergen.

How do we co-design a society that is both happy, healthy and regenerative? How do we know what works? Why should people care? Who will get the job done?
Trondheim Municipality and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) er prototyping a new way of innovating in the public sector – The University City 3.0 –
In this session we invite municipalities, research institutions, and businesses to explore how similar models can be adopted to sustain innovation in other regions. What are the conditions and dimensions and actions needed?



  • 14:55

    SR-Bank1 invites to a discussion about what role the bank have in society today.

The world is changing. A bank is not what it was few years ago. Being keyplayers in the transaction market between public and private sector and influential how real estate grow – this sector are directly influtencing how cities grow and develop. It is a sector that bridges all three sessions. Ramtin Matin from SR-Bank and Co-founder Jarle Holm from Monner will present the idea and relationship between Crowdfunding and urban housing/real estate.


  • 16:15

    Climate change, green buildings, smart buildings and more are direct contributors to zero-vision society. It is also influencing how real estate is being shaped and how cities are defined. Grønn Byggallianse, Norsk Eiendom and Eiendomsforum have taken the challenge.

Grønne bygg med grønn finansiering handler om å finne merverdien.


Velkommen v/ Katharina Bramslev, daglig leder Grønn Byggallianse.

Forskningsresultater fra prosjektet “Merverdien av Grønne bygg”

  • Er grønn merverdi dokumentert, sannsynliggjort eller bare påstått?
  • Grønn merverdi for hvem?
  • Omdømme, samfunnsansvar og grønn verdiskapning v/Kjetil Gulbrandsen, Grønn Byggallianse/Høyskolen i Østfold 

Hvorfor og hvordan grønne finansielle løsninger kan og bør benyttes v/Benjamin Powell, Senior Advisor, Climate & Sustainable Financial Solutions SEB (tidligere Head of Funding, Verdensbanken)

Hvorfor investerer Nordea Liv i grønne bygg v/ Asset Manager Harald Heid, Nordea Liv Eiendom

Hvordan øke merverdien gjennom digitalisering v/ AF Gruppen v/ Sebastiano Lombardo (PhD)

Avslutning v/ Thor Olaf Askjer, Norsk Eiendom