City Breakfast Meeting

This is how Bergen becomes smarter

Meeting 19th October 2017, Bergen


We are in a paradigm shift in urban development. Technology changes the way we plan and develop cities. Property developers, urban developers, developers and residents – are meeting exciting times!

In cooperation with COWI and Bergen Chamber of Commerce we invite to our second breakfast meeting.

How can Bergen become a plus city?

How will the next generation power network be a game changer?
In what way is the municipality of Bergen in the midst of a large-scale digital turnaround?
How can virtual reality be an effective urban development tool?
The event is free and open to anyone who is concerned with the city’s urban solutions in Bergen. The theme is particularly relevant for property developers, area planners, technology companies, politicians and those working on urban development.

Lille Ole Bull, Øvre Ole Bulls plass 3
From thursday 19th october 2017 08.30
To thursday 19th october2017 10.00
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Wednesday 18th october 2017 10.00

  • Bergen - Norway smartest city?

Bergen – Norway´s smartest City?

Meeting 8th June 2017, Bergen

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Starting the discussion towards “Disruptive Cities” 25th January, NUDA and Bergen-Chamber of Commerce invite to a meeting looking at Bergen and its smart cities initative. “Smart Cities” is a global term that explains how cities and communities are being developed to become sustainable and modern societies where both economic, social and environmental values ​​pervade everything we create and create.

Time: Thursday 8th June 08:30 – 10:00
Place: Lille Ole Bull scene, Øvre Ole Bulls plass 3, Bergen

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Rashik Parmar MBE is coming to Bergen to start the discussion.

Disruptive Cities

Postponed to 25th January 2018


NUDA and partners decided to postpone the Nordic Urban Assembly which was to be held 8th June 2017. Being ahead of topics and international trends, NUDA realized that more time and effort was needed to address the issues which is to be discussed at the Assembly before the Assembly takes place.

Disruptive technology is well advanced and understood across multi disciplinary professions, however, most related to technological companies. Related to city planning and development, architecture, real estate and in the wide concerning cities, We experience a lack of understanding and awareness about the strong impact technology possess.

In that relations NUDA will stronger communicate this until 25th January 2018.

As starting point for this communication We invite to a meeting 8th June together with our partner Bergen-Chamber of Commerce, initiating a discussion about smart cities and its relations to the disruptors pushing ahead new agendas.

Cities is a fresh commodity. Changes are evident every day and some of these changes manifests as sudden disruptions to the established realities We know, and live in. Technology being one of the sources for changes might be understood as a sudden change.

8th June // Bergen – Norways smartest city?