NUDA was founded by Håkon Iversen in 2005 and restructured into NUDA AS in 2017 by Håkon Iversen, Christine Kahrs, Lene Kristoffersen and Vivian Garnes as owners.

Happy citizen is about smart city development. Smart city development is about planning for the unknown. To achieve this one have to work interdisciplinary. That’s why NUDA have created the unique Nordic Urban Assembly that gives cities The Tools needed to meet the uncertain future. That is the core of NUDA.


Christine Kahrs

CEO & Partner

Mob: +47 950 34 468  Email:

Contact Christine for general inquires about NUDA and the Assembly, partnership program and services.

Address: Olav Kyrresgt. 11, 6th floor City: Bergen Post: 5018

Håkon Iversen


Mob: +47 920 48 768   Email:

Contact Håkon for general inquires about NUDA, Nordic Urban Assembly and related information.

Lene Kristoffersen

Founding partner

Mob: +47 993 95 050 Email:

Lene is founding partner. She is Chief Market Manager, South and Western part of Norway, in Veidekke Eiendom AS. One of Norways largest property and real estate companies.

Vivian Garnes

Founding partner

Mob: +47 909 40 220 Email:

Vivian is owner of Plottaplan AS, a company that specializes in regulation, zoning and architecture. Works with a wide scale of municipalities in Norway. She is trained as Architect.