The Millennials New Agenda

Nordic Urban Assembly is The new Nordic urban interface where global thinking, urban politics, city innovation, digital overlay and technological disruptions are elevated to an increased level of awareness. The year behind us and the starting of 2017 embrace “disruption” as the buzz word to think about. It is interesting as it connects to many realities including smart cities, technology, the millennials agenda and much more.

Disruption come in many shapes and forms. In cities we experience the disruption of urban structures, of social use, of loyalty, of innovation. We see changes in technology forcing new agendas and new future visions to the surface. That is why NUDA have created the Nordic Urban Assembly to be launched in January 2018.

We like to believe that we see the world differently. And we want to share that with everyone.

Disruptive Cities as theme, will engage, inspire, surprise, provoke and foremost establish an understanding about what it actually means.


“The miracle of our mind isn’t based on how one sees the world as it is — it’s about seeing the world how it isn’t.”

Håkon Iversen
Founder and President

The Speakers

Disruptive Cities

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Wednesday 24th and 26th January

Internal program

Hosted by City of Bergen

Thursday 25th January

Nordic Urban Assembly

Moderated by Terje Svabø