Towards an unknown future

Ayesha Khanna, the founder of ADDO will be at the Assembly in January.

ADDO means “to add” in Latin and we belive that by adding artificial intelligence (AI), we can democratise access to better infratstructure and services, tackle grand challenges and create a better world by combining our imagination with the power of machine learning.

We are on a mission to have real impact with AI, and use data and machine learning to develop personalised, real-time, and integrated solutions that improve quality of life.

We help companies innovate to provide such AI-driven services and in doing so, to reach new markets, grow revenues and optimise operations.

“We are honoured to be selected by Forbes magazine as one of four AI companies in Asia that will transform the world.”
Ayesha Khanna
Founder and CEO

The Speakers

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New Tools for City Development

Wednesday 24th January

Side sessions with City of Trondheim, NTNU, University of Bergen, ATEA, Ideal Village and more.

Hosted by City of Bergen

Thursday 25th January

Nordic Urban Assembly

Moderated by Terje Svabø